Deon Don Dot Com

Me in 10 seconds

Simplifying is a way of life for me.

This website is an extension of my essentialist mindset.

I've been making a living through my laptop computer and traveling all over the world for about three years.

They call that being a digital nomad.

And I've made online entrepreneurs millions of dollars by solving their problems

I bring Clarity, Focus and Ease to high performers through my articles, my products, my coaching programs, and my blog posts.

They are very happy with the results.

I've been interviewed numerous times around my entrepreneurial journey.

Somewhere along the way I also discovered that I have a gift for healing people through touch.

I follow the principles of Stoicism and Essentialism as a way of life.

When you are ready to work with me lets talk.

If you are curious, here's what I am working on now