Success Testimonials

“Would you like to know the secret weapon that took the Foundation from a fledgling six figure enterprise to a 7+ figure machine?
His integrity is insane.
He honors his word.
His story telling is magical.
He is one of the greatest advisors I've ever had.
-- Dane Maxwell Founder of,, and
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My perspective on business has shifted a lot in the past 6 months.
I used to think marketing and copy were the most important things to focus on.
Since then, I've learned it's all about building and leading an incredible team.
The first person to really show me this was Deon.
If you're an entrepreneur and need someone awesome in your life to keep your mind/business/team straight...
talk to Deon.
-- Andy Drish, Co-Founder at
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Deon- that was one of the most useful, productive, and impressive calls I've ever been on."
-- Dave Cristello Founder and CEO, Jetpack WorkFlow

"Yes yes yes. Deon helped me SIGNIFICANTLY just in a matter of four hours over Skype.
If you're a founder or visionary who is having trouble handling all of the inputs coming your way then you NEED to talk to Deon."
-- Mike Hrostoski, Founder The Conference for Men.

"You're session with me has shifted my mindset considerably."
-- Bryan Neuberg Partner at Bryan Neuberg and Associates, Inc. and former Business Coach at Google.

"Deon is a miracle worker of clarity and alignment!
Thanks for another inspiring call Deon!
It's like rocket fuel having you focus my attention in the right direction."
-- Jesse Krieger CEO

First off, THANK YOU!!
It really was one of the best coaching calls I have ever had.
It's not that you give rocket science techniques.. its just the way you explain it.
You really got me with everything you said and clarified my whole vision so much. Im super happy about it :)
I have been wanting to create a community of female entrepreneurs ever since I came back from the States.. but just never had the balls to do it.
I know I have everything it takes and that I can provide SO MUCH value to everyone here.
So thank you for pushing me and making that one of my goals. There is no way around it now!!
Thank you so much!! I hope I get the opportunity to be work with you again in the future :)
-- Fabi Mersan CEO
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