The #1 Core Habit That Gets Me High. (on life)

I've been reaching flow state a lot these last few months.

I hit it again today.

Flow state is reaching a state of optimal performance that seems effortless.

I've been practicing hand balancing 6 days a week for 2 months.

One of the games I play is to do as many kickups as possible in as many minutes as I can keep going.

I usually manage about...

20 Kickups in 4 mins.

before I need a long break.

Last night i purposely got 9.5 hours of sleep.

It's the first time I did it with intention.

Today I hit flow state in my hand balancing game.

What was the result? . . . . 111 Kickups in 25 mins.

and I felt I could keep going forever.

I have even more experiential proof that making sleep my most important core habit is the right decision.

I've slowly started building my whole life around sleep.

To me it's totally worth it to give up those late nights to hit that incredible state of flow.

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