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YOUR W.A.S. and I.S.

YOUR W.A.S. and I.S.

Today my working alright self (WAS) made a bet with my ideal self (IS).

I bet you can’t... 
make at least 1 Canadian dollar today by... 
selling physical products online.

I wager 10 integrity trust points and ten 25 min pomodoros that I can...
make at least 1 Canadian dollar today by 
selling physical products online.

before 3 pm PST May 23, 2019.

beginning at 9:09:31 AM PST ....

By the power of my Ideal Self calling to your Ideal Self.

How would you solve the solution?
Deon Don

Deon Don
Can A New Born Baby Lift 500 Pounds?

Can a new born baby lift 500lbs?


Not yet...

But you run a mental program that says...

You have to be very good at any activity from the beginning.

A better mental program is…

skill development requires years of training.

So fall in love with the daily practice...

observing yet unattached to the result.

- Deon Don

May 10, 2019

On a 2012 Macbook in downtown Vancouver, Canada

Deon Don